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Review: Elite Little PIG00-10773 In-Ground Fence

Elite Little PIG00-10773 ReviewElite Little PIG00-10773 In-Ground Fence is one of the best In-ground radio-controlled electric fence for smaller dogs. It Offers 4 levels of electrostatic correction, including tone-only option for warning/training and Ideal for pets 5 pounds and over.

Covers Yards Up To 25 Acres

The invisible boundary covers 1/3 acre. This is plenty of room for most yards and allows your dog adequate space without feeling restricted. Need more space? Fear not, PetSafe sells expansion wire which allows you to cover up to a massive 25 acres.

The invisible barrier is set using wire that is easily placed underneath the ground and is maintenance-free. Small flags mark the location as a visual cue for your dog.

Tone-Only Setting Trains Your Dog without the Shock

One thing which makes the Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence unique is that it has a “tone-only” setting. This means that the collar can be set to simply warn your small dog to not cross the invisible barrier with just the use of beeping noises.

This is preferable for some people who have trained their dog to use stay within the fence and don’t want to use the static correction setting.

Four Levels of Correction Keeps Your Dog in the Yard

As an extra precaution, the collar can also be set to deliver a static correction if your dog is about to stray. There are four levels of correction, allowing for different sizes of dogs as well as adjusting to their motivation or stubbornness level.

Special Collar Designed For Small Dogs

PetSafe has created a collar especially for small dogs which is lightweight despite its new features. Designed for comfort, the collar is also waterproof and has a reflective strip to make your dog visible at nighttime. The collar lights up if the battery is low, giving you sufficient warning and preventing any surprises if the invisible fence were to stop “working”.

How Long Does It Take To Train Your Dog?

The Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence system comes with a training DVD to quickly teach your dog to stay in the yard. Most small dogs learn how to stay in the yard within a few hours to a few days. Some dogs may take up to a couple of weeks using short 10 minute sessions each day. Exactly how to do this is included in the DVD.


  • Ideal for any size yard up to 25 acres.
  • Surface installation in low-traffic areas; operating and training guide and DVD included.
  • Waterproof receiver-collar adjusts from 6 to 26 inches; built in lightning protection
  • 4 levels of electrostatic correction, including tone-only option for warning/training
  • Includes boundary flags and wire, receiver-collar, transmitter, manual and more

PetSafe are the experts in invisible fencing and their in-ground fence for small dogs has received a lot of good feedback from users. One customer uses The Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence for his two beagles, a breed with a reputation for being stubborn and following their nose. Both dogs picked up the concept very quickly and stay within the yard even when something catches their attention.

Another customer installed the fence for her Chihuahua who tends to run and not come back. This made taking her outside, even for a toilet break, difficult. Her dog bolted when a cat ran across the yard but immediately stopped and turned around when she reached the static correction line.

Overall, the Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence has gained a High Ratings on Amazon. Its ease of installation and effectiveness on smaller dogs is particularly praised by people who actively use it.

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Review: SportDOG SDF-100A In-Ground Pet Fencing System

SportDOG 100-Acre Review

SportDog SDF-100A made by the well-known and trusted pet company, Sport Dog. This in-ground fence system will keep your dog inside, no matter how stubborn and rebellious they are. The fence system is invisible and has transmitters that send vibrations to your dog. Your dog cannot see it, but he can feel when he is getting close to being out of bounds. If he is brave and still tries to go out of the boundary line, a strong vibration will discourage him from continuing.

Perfect for young dogs and old dogs.

No matter the age of your pup, this is the perfect fence system. It teaches them to heed warnings, stay where they are supposed to, and will keep them from running away and getting lost. It is a Godsend, especially for the certain pooch that refuses to listen and has a bit of an attitude problem. It is an especially good fencing system for a young puppy who refuses to listen, or for dogs that are puppies at heart.

Can be 10 acres and up.

The beautiful part about this in-ground fence system is that it can be as big as you need it to be. Whether you have a small yard that is an acre or two, or live on a lot of land, you can buy enough wire that fits your yard. The Sport Dog in-ground fencing system can be as large as 100 acres!

Can it help in training my problematic dog?

This in-ground fence can be seen as a stepping stone when you are training your dog. Most dogs just need one experience to get them to listen to their owners and start following their commands. If your dog tries to be slick and leave the yard, he will have a rude awakening.

Will it keep my dog from chasing other animals (cats, squirrels, opossums, etc.)?

Your dog may be tempted to chase other animals, but if he gets too close to the fence, he will get warned by the transmitter. If he still tries to chase the animal out of the yard, the stronger vibration will get him to back up and he will go back to his place in the yard. It only takes one time for your dog to learn his lesson and stay in the yard. This product is designed to keep the most troublesome dogs in your yard.

Wise Words From Former Buyers.

Robert C has said it changed lives. The fence kept his year and a half old lab, inside the designated area of the fence after many visits out of the yard that would be worrisome. The fence is now keeping Duke inside the designated area safely.

Karl K says it’s the best money can buy. He states that he has two dogs that would run to the neighbors. After installing the fence, he has had no more trouble from his dogs.

Overall, More than 100 satisfied customers have claimed it to be the best fence system, with easy installation, and great results.

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So, how much does this cost?

This fencing system is one of the most reasonably priced fence systems available now. You can buy this great fencing system for your unruly pup on Amazon for best price. Other places, such as eBay, or Other stores that sell this product is the Home Depot,PetCo whom they selling it for than $300. Amazon is the best choice as it is a good twenty or more dollars cheaper.



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