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Review: PetSafe PIG00-13661 In-Ground Radio Fence

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Petsafe PIG00-13661 ReviewSome pet owners are concerned about the area covered by the In-ground Fence. The good news is that Petsafe PIG00-13661 In-Ground Fence for Pets is ideal for small and average size yard about 1/3 of an acre. It comes with 500 feet boundary wire with 50 flags. However, if you want a bigger area coverage, it can cover up to 10 acres with additional wires and flags.

No more running pets.Your Pets stay in the boundary.

The deluxe ultra light receiver collar emits a warning tone when the transmitter detects that the pet is approaching the established boundary. When your pet ignores the warning and crosses the boundary line, the system issues a very benign electric stimulation through the metal probes on the receiver-collar to correct the animal’s actions. Easily, your pet will learn to avoid the boundary. This is a classic sample of conditioning that even Sigmund Freud, the great psychologist has established through the years when training animals. Therefore, one could be assured that such practice would help your pet be aware and be accustomed with the boundaries.

New Deluxe Ultra Light Collar for the pets

The .right collar is important for the pets‘ comfort. PetSafe In-Ground fence for pets provide a new ultralight receiver collar for your pets.The collar is easily adjustable to all pets sizes big or small and because it is very lightweight, pets won’t be burdened carrying the collars around their neck. The new deluxe ultra light collar is waterproof so no harm will happen if it rains when your pet is still outside.

Anti Linger Prevention

Petsafe In-Ground fence for pets has anti linger prevention so the pets will not stay in the warning zone thus run down the battery. The number one reason why pets can leave the fence is dead batteries so need not worry about this. PetSafe In-Ground Fence provides a low battery indicator to ensure that the batteries are replaced when needed.

PetSafe PIG00-13661 In-Ground Radio Fence system Receives Consistently High Ratings in Amazon.

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Review: Dogtek EF-4000 Electronic Dog Fence System

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Dogtek EF-4000 ReviewThe first thing that stuck out to me about the Dogtek Electronic Dog Fence System is it is by far the cheapest on the market as far as high quality in-ground dog fences go. Most other brands are significantly more expensive but still have similar feedback as far as effectiveness and quality goes.

Not only that, this particular system has a much longer battery life than other invisible fences. Some brands will have you paying roughly $50-$70 a year in batteries, whilst with Dogtek you will pay about $4 a year.

Very Easy To Install

The second key feature that I particularly like about the Dogtek Electronic Dog Fence System is the ease of installation. It’s very simple to do yourself. This means you are not required to pay large sums of money to specialists to do the installation (something that normally costs in the $1000+ range). Most people who use this in-ground system have reported that it was very easy to install.

What’s also great about this in-ground fence is that it is adaptable to any type of terrain: open, wooded, hilly, fenced, unfenced, hot or cold!

Great for Multiple Dogs

No need to install multiple fences if you keep multiple dogs. Additional collars are sold separately which will all work on the same fence. Not only that, the Dogtek Electronic Dog Fence System enables you to set correction levels independently for each collar. This allows for dogs of all different sizes and motivation levels.

Completely Adjustable Warning and Correction Distance

The Dogtek Electronic Dog Fence is the only dog fence on the market that gives you control over the correction distance and the warning distance independently. Not only can you set the boundaries according to your dog’s motivation and stubbornness level, you can also do so with consideration of your yard. This means more flexibility in regards to when you want to start warning your dog that he’s getting too close, and when you want to emit a static correction.

Dogtek Electronic Fence system receives good ratings on Amazon. It is particularly well noted for its superior customer service, unusually long battery life and effectiveness of the fence.

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Review: Petsafe PIG00-14582 Basic in-Ground Pet Fence

Petsafe PIG00-14582 ReviewPetsafe PIG00-14582 Basic in-Ground Pet Fence features 4 adjustable levels of static correction plus tone-only mode for training your dog and ideal for dogs 8 pounds and up. This fits necks sizes 6-28 Inch.  This fence covers up to 5 acres with additional flags and wire. You’ll place flags around your yard and train your dog. Most dogs learn their boundaries quickly. This comes with waterproof receiver collar that reminds your dog with a warning beep when the dog closes to their boundaries. You can add unlimited number of dogs by purchasing an extra collar for each dog.


  • 4 adjustable levels of static correction
  • A waterproof receiver collar that’s comfortable for any dog 8 pounds and up Fits neck sizes 6-28 inches
  • Tone-only mode alerts your pet with a beep
  • Can cover up to 10 acres with additional wire

Most of the customers on Amazon have given it great reviews.

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