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The dog fence lets your canine friend roam freely around your yard without the need of installing a costly wooden or chain link fence. Just like the great amount of space your dog will have with a dog fence, there are a vast number of dog fences on the market and finding the right one can be as tough as a bone. Luckily you have stumbled upon your number one resource for dog fence information. We are a committee that gives dog fence reviews based on how our pups interact with them to let you know which ones perform the best.

Our dog fence reviews have found them to range anywhere from $2000 dollars and below (after installation). Still, the fundamental technology behind the dog fence works the same. A wire that emits a signal is set up either above or below ground. We have given dog fence reviews to systems that include buried wires because we feel they tidy up the lawn and justify purchasing a dog fence in the first place. The signal emitted from the wire tells the control box in the animal’s collar what the perimeter of the lawn is. As the dog approaches the wire it will emit a frequency to warn it not to get any closer. If the dog passes the perimeter of the fence, a small electric shock is emitted from the collar. In our dog fence reviews, we have found that certain collars have a setting to add more or less shock in order to train the dog to avoid the invisible perimeter. In our opinion, dog fences even help train our pups to do as they are told without the need to constantly tell them. All of the units we have rated are the safest on the market, as we would never recommend dangerous products for your pets.

We have tested another form of dog fence that still makes the dog wear a collar but puts the sending unit for the perimeter in a central location in your lawn. Our dog fence reviews have found that a unit like this will not work quite as effectively as the buried wire setup as it creates a radius that sometimes gradually falls off, instead of literally creating an invisible wall. During our dog fence reviews we have even seen super-advanced dog fences will use GPS to set up a virtual fence around your lawn. While they utilize interesting technology, we have given these GPS dog fences lower dog fence ratings because they are not always the most accurate.

Lots of testing, money and time has been spent here at your number one stop for dog fence information that will keep both you and your pet happy. We aim to help you keep your furry friend under control and within designated boundaries. Without the hassle or cost of setting up a physical fence you can let your dog roam free around your lawn. Take a look around our dog fence reviews page to see our dog fence ratings as well as dog fence ratings from users like you.

Our selected dog fences will help you keep your dog contained safely within your yard. There are certain things that a pet needs – food, water… and proper containment. Dog fences can keep your dog from harm; and, conversely, they can also protect others from your dog. Do not allow your dog to freely roam the streets of your neighborhood. Get a fence, and get one today. Find below the different type of Dog Fences you can choose based on your need.

Containment Dog Fence Reviews
Containment Dog Fence Reviews
Electronic Dog Fence Reviews
Electric Dog Fence Reviews
Invisible Dog Fence Reviews
Invisible Dog Fence Reviews
Underground Dog Fence Reviews
Underground Dog Fence Reviews


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