Important facts about Wireless Dog Fences

Invariably, there are going to be a number of questions that arise when you speak of buying and using a wireless dog fence. However, instead of guessing or hoping for the right answers, you can use the following questions and answers as you look for feedback.

Does the correction cause pain to my dog?

The correction is actually very safe, painless and humane. While the correction that your dog receives is unpleasant, it is all but harmless to your pet. Most wireless fences will come with something like a comprehensive video or some other kind of training manuals. Many of these tools were developed with help from both veterinarians as well as animal behaviorists to ensure safety and peace of mind for you and your pet.

How old should my dog be before I start training?

The recommended age for starting to train your dog on how to use a wireless fence is usually about six months. Usually by six months, the puppies have grown to better understand instruction and their cognitive skills are well enough developed to do what needs to be done.

If a dog is running through the system at only one spot in the yard, how is this corrected?

Some people have noticed that small problems can exist that are usually easily remedied. In order to help train your dog, you should go with him to the location in your yard where the trouble occurs.

Then you should place him on a long leash and then ask someone else to walk by that spot or even better walk their dog by that spot. When and if your dog attempts to leave, it is important to the training process that you pull him back with the leash. You may then redirect him to the “sit” and “stay” commands.


It is best that your dog is on the leash when he receives his first correction. This is because if the dog does not understand what is going on or tries to run away, you can reel him in and help to console and comfort him until he begins to better understand what the correction was.

There may be many questions that go through your mind as you try to understand the advantages and disadvantages to a wireless dog fence. Therefore, you should continue to do what you are doing now. Specifically, you should always seek newer information and try to understand the answers to each of your questions.

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