Review: Innotek IUC-4100 UltraSmart In-Ground Pet Fence

Innotek IUC-4100 UltraSmart In-Ground Pet Fence is the Sleek, streamlined comfortable collar — 30% smaller and lighter than other containment receivers.

Innotek’s exclusive ReadyTest(TM) produces a brief pleasant clicking from the collar to assure you of perfect collar fit, and indicates the system status and battery status of the receiver collar.

Waterproof — Collar and transmitter stand up to rough punishment, even submerged in water.

The new, rechargeable lithium ion batteries charge in only two hours and maintain their charge for weeks at a time.

Patented Run-Through Prevention (correction level automatically increases as your pet approaches the boundary) and timeout between corrections help your dog learn limits quickly and safely.

Kit includes 500 ft. of single-conductor ground wire to enclose up to 1/3 acre (expandable to 25 acres), indoor wall-mounted transmitter with audible and visual wire break alarm (has a built-in 24/7 battery backup in the event of power failure), one rechargeable collar receiver with neckstrap, boundary wire, training support 800 number, complete installation instructions, DVD, training flags, and accessories.

Recommended for pets 6 months or older.

Most of the customers on Amazon have given it great reviews.

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