Review: Innotek IUC-5100 UltraSmart Contain and Train

Innotek’s IUC-5100 UltraSmart Contain and Train electric dog fences double as dog training collars. The transmitter has nine levels of continuous stimulation as well as a tone feature. It has a 150 yard effective range.

The system features Innotek’s patented run-through prevention to keep your pet in your yard. The collar and transmitter are both waterproof. This is a safe, rugged, reliable containment system.

Innotek’s UltraSmart Radio Fences give you the added flexibility of being compatible to Innotek’s older pet containment systems as well as their indoor Zones system. The IUC-5100 collar works with the SD-2000, SD-2100, SD-2200 and Zones indoor containment discs.

The Innotek IUC-5100 features Innotek’s new UltraSmart technology. ReadyTest ensures that your dog’s collar fits properly. The collar emits an audible click to inform you when the collar is properly fitted.

The collar performs its own on-board systems check. Each time after charging the collar runs its own diagnostic to ensure that it’s working properly. Power and electrical circuits are checked providing added safety for your pet. A green light tells you “all systems go” while a red flashing light signals a problem with the training collar.

The 3-way battery indicator helps you never run out of power. A green light tells you that the batteries are half charged or better, yellow means that the charge is less than half, and a red light tells you its time to recharge the collar.

Only Innotek’s new UltraSmart line of dog training equipment offers these features to ensure safe and reliable training.

Innotek IUC 5100 Contain N Train In Ground Fencing System Features:

  • Recommended for dogs 5 lbs and up and a neck size of 2 1/2″ to 24″
  • Contains as many dogs as you want. The remote trainer will allow you to train up to two dogs.
  • ReadyTest™ – Ensures correct collar fit, graduated battery status, and warns of potential system problems for greatest pet safety.
  • Contoured, Integrated Collar – 30% thinner than other collar designs, a fraction of the weight. More comfortable for the dog.
  • Waterproof – Collar stands up to rough punishment, even submerged under water
  • Rechargeable Collar – Fast-charging, long life Lithium Ion batteries.
  • Expandable – Add multiple dogs to the in-ground fencing system with additional INNOTEK® accessory collars (sold separately).

Most of the customers on Amazon have given it great reviews.

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