Review: PetSafe Yardmax PIG00-11115 Rechargeable In-Ground Pet Fencing System

PetSafe Yardmax PIG00-11115 Rechargeable In-Ground Fence is the most reliable and advanced in-ground fence system. The Yardmax technology that this invisible fence uses makes it the most advanced of in-ground dog fences. In traditional fences, your dog receives a static correction right at the point that he crosses the boundary wire. Whilst this can be effective, a stubborn or distracted dog may ignore the warning and bound right across it, off into the distance.

What sets Yardmax technology apart is if your dog does happen to cross the line, it will continue to emit the static correction for up to 15 seconds, as long as your dog remains outside of the boundary. This is much more effective at keeping your dog inside the yard with no accidental bolts. And if your dog does for some reason remain outside the boundary for more than 15 seconds, he will not receive a shock for trying to come back into the yard.

As a bonus, you can always set the system to traditional mode where a static correction only occurs right on the boundary line, if you prefer.

Larger, Better Yard Layouts

Larger, more complex layouts can be created using the PetSafe Yardmax Rechargeable In-Ground Pet Fencing System because it is set up differently to traditional in-ground fences. In fact, using the exact same amount of wire, this fence will cover up to 30% more yard. It accepts oddly shaped yards and won’t accidently correct your pet from inside the house if the fence is placed too close to the house.

Extra Protection from Nature

The wires are normally buried in the ground. Like all in-ground systems, this exposes them to a rough environment, with the possibility of damage from burrowing animals such as rodents. Damaged wire means your dog will just cross the boundary. Luckily for you, this should never be a cause for restless nights and days. The system has an integrated alarm system which alerts you whenever a rodent bites the wire or any other factor causes damage.

Rechargeable Collar Comes With a Ton of Fool-Proof Features

The collar is lightweight compared to other brands due to the smaller and slimmer receiver. It has a unique function called ReadyTest which checks if the receiver collar is perfect for use. After ReadyTest, the collar goes into Collar Fit Test mode and will beep when the contact points are making proper contact with your dog’s skin. The batteries in the collar are rechargeable and last for at least a month at a time.


  • Allows you to use up to 30% more of your yard for your dog to roam
  • 5 progressive levels of higher intensity static correction plus a beep only mode for training
  • A rechargeable receiver collar that’s comfortable for any dog 5 pounds and up Fits neck sizes 6-28 inches
  • Run Through Prevention technology ensures that your dog won’t escape the yard without receiving the maximum level of static correction
  • Low battery warning so that you always know when it’s time to recharge the collar
  • Can cover up to 10 acres with additional wire

Most of the customers on Amazon have given it great reviews.

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